Mollie Keebler

Mollie Keebler

Hi, I’m Mollie Keebler, and though I’m not Latina myself, I write for and help men find a girlfriend or even a future wife in Mexico. Why did I decide to make this my main occupation, my passion, my job? Well, I studied at the University of North Carolina, and we had a lot of international students, in particular students from Mexico, and now two of them are my best friends. I saw how they overcome a lot of difficulties, fight racism and multiple stereotypes about Latina women. There’s no denying that the media depicts Latina women as too emotional, hypersexualized, and often undereducated women, that’s obviously not true. Lots of guys were looking for one-night stands with them, and fewer were interested in serious relationships.
To be honest, I could never think that that will be somehow related to my own job. I graduated from the university and took a Six-Figure Copywriting course and started writing posts for the site that was focused mainly on beauty products. Pretty soon I realised that I’m not actually a beauty maniac and that reviewing another Kylie Jenner’s beauty product doesn’t make me happy, and wrote a CV and started to wait for more interesting offers. I received plenty of them but decided to accept the offer from
I know that I have a chance to provide people with relevant information on Mexican girls because my closest friends can become my best consultants and advisors. On top of that, the head of the company explained to me that the dating market is not like how many people view it—nobody is going to sell brides or anything like that. It’s about finding love on the Internet, in a particular country, it’s about making two people happier. That’s what I do now and that’s what I love.

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